Daniel Craig is a prominent actor, one of the most recent incarnations of  the James Bond franchise. Mr. Craig made headlines recently with his announcement that he finds that “inheritance is distasteful.” He plans to give little if anything to his children and the rest to charity. Shocking. Positively shocking? No, a charitable disposition is to be lauded and it is hard to imagine that the actor’s children will be left impoverished

Why did Daniel Craig feel the need to make this statement? Most people prefer to tend to their financial and family affairs privately.  Perhaps it is an example of “virtue signaling” that is prevalent among the celebrities of the world who may be embarrassed by their wealth. It calls to mind a witticism of the late playwright George Bernard Shaw, “Money is not the root of all evil. The lack of money is the root of all evil.” Pulling Shaw out of thin air serves an ulterior motive, it gives your writer the chance to recommend two great movies made from Shaw plays that star the incandescent and underappreciated Wendy Hiller – Major Barbara and Pygmalion. The latter was made into the classic musical My Fair Lady. A musical comedy based on the class struggle? Who would have thunk it? Ironically, both Pygmalion and My Fair Lady ended as Shaw never intended. In the play, Eliza walks out on Henry Higgins, “If I can’t have kindness, I’ll have independence,” she declares. Then, according to Shaw’s final stage direction, Eliza “sweeps out.” So, perhaps there is a link between my digression to Mr. Shaw, the movies, and Mr. Craig’s pompous pronouncement. “That’s Entertainment.”

Good luck, Mr. Craig. If you are serious about your plans then be sure to make the arrangements now. There are a large number of planning techniques available that will accomplish your goals now and still provide for your children. If you leave it to your Last Will and Testament to accomplish, then take care that it is safely stored in a place where your children will not find it. And if you are adamant about disinheriting them, take the proper steps to assure your charitable beneficiaries have little to fear from the litigation your children will probably commence. Just saying.

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